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Grain Services

Our company has been dealing in more than 60 years in ensuring plans of supply for major industries in the north and central Italy and is a leading player, at European level, in terms of market share, in quality and comprehensiveness of the consulting services offered.

Leading analysis, advisory and brokerage firm providing executive services on commodities, finance and currencies. Intermediate approximately 2,000,000 tons of Agricomoditis per year, we support 750 customers operating in over 50 countries around the world.
The company is focused on increasing customer profit and to the growth and consolidation of long-term relationships, providing value solutions. The business operates on a National, European and International level.

We work with the most important multinational import and export operators of Austria, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Libya, Sudan, Egypt, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Hungary, USA, Canada, Australia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Brazil, Argentina and devoting the same attention to small-medium sized business.

For many years Grain Services has been offering for its customer studies and analysis on commodities market trends and performs hedging financial price of the same with futures products.

The experience of Grain Services in this field has led the company to develop for their clients consulting plans on trading and risk management necessary to address or correct the direction of the customers to revenue growth, reduce costs and losses and consolidate balance sheet.

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We are registered with the main Italian grain associations. We participate in the Milan and Bologna stock exchanges and in the main European and international events in the sector.