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Together, stronger, more ready, more effective

The company is focused to increase profits for customer and focuses on growth and consolidation of long-term relationships by providing value-added solutions. The activity has national and international projection.


Research, forecasting, and macrocycles on any Agricommodities. We are specialized in cash markets, commodities, futures, bonds, equities. Support for management, review and monitoring of Securities Funds. Analysis and advice on complex financial portfolios.


Analysis and comprehensive monitoring of all products, the fundamental, arbitrage and hedging on futures markets.

Financial Markets

Technical analysis and correlations study between commodities, currencies and markets.

Risk Management

Reducing exposure to risk on commodities for improving economic performance.


Supply, service and management problem solving.


Analysis and provision of appropriate solution.

Feasibility studies for the conversion to Organic Agriculture 834/07 and 899/08 and Bio Suisse

Management, Merger and Aquisitions

Customized solutions for strategic consulting, mergers and acquisitions. Reorganization and corporate turnaround.


Selection of the products of debt and related structuring of transactions at most competitive rates and high level services. Business plans and financial management models customized.

Business plans and customized financial management models