• Where trade is the King

  • Where trade is the King

  • Where trade is the King

Grain Services is part of the Stock Exchange Committee and of the Cereals Commission for the formation of the prices of the official list of the Bologna Commodity Exchange

Grain Services is a member of the ANCER Italian National Cerealists Association, part of the COCERAL member of the COCERAL EUROPEO

Grain Services is a partner

Grain Services

Mano tra il grano

Grain Services is a leading analysis, advice and brokerage company that provides executive services on commodities, finance and currencies. We support over 750 customers in 50 countries worldwide.


Mano tra il grano

Punctual and useful services:
• Analysis
• Agricommodities
• Financial markets
• Risk Management
• Logistics
• Disputes / Arbitration
• Finance


Mano tra il grano

Grain Services deals with:
• Traditional Agriculture
• Biological agriculture
• Food industry
• Feed and Zootechnics
• Gluten Free
• Fertilizers

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